### **Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)**

**What is the background and demand for vocational education?**
🌍 There's intense global demand for vocational education, training, and employment. Orion Edutech is expanding internationally and seeks franchise partners to replicate our successful Indian model.

2. **Can you tell more about Orion Edutech India?**
🌟 We're the leading company in India's vocational space, with a 12% market share, over 500 setups, 3500 staff, and a $60 million annual turnover. We also operate in 31 countries across various continents.

3. **What is unique about Orion's education model?**
đź“š Our model blends 80% live online teaching with 20% facilitated local training. This approach ensures effective, accessible education.

4. **What support does Orion offer to its franchisees?**
🔍 We provide A to Z support, including admissions, training, student management, placements, corporate training, and securing government and school contracts.

5. **Can you detail the courses offered by Orion?**
đź“– Our 1000+ vocational courses range from 2 days to 4 years, covering diverse domains like IT, healthcare, management, and more. They come with job guarantees and government support.

6. **What are the requirements for becoming a franchisee?**
đź›  Initially, you'll operate online, later expanding to a retail center. You'll need about 100 sq meters of space, a small team, and a vision to generate significant revenue through various streams.

7. **What are the next steps to becoming a franchisee?**
âś… After deciding to proceed, we sign an MOU, conduct a 2-day induction and training, and then sign a Franchisee Agreement within 45 days.

8. **What are the franchise models and pricing?**
đź’° We offer a Master Franchise at $8000 and a Unit Franchise at $4000. Master Franchisees oversee an entire country, while Unit Franchisees operate in a single location.

9. **What are the initial deposits for each franchise model?**
đź’ł The initial deposit is $2000 for a Master Franchise and $1000 for a Unit Franchise, payable along with the signed MOU.

10. **What educational levels do Orion's courses cover?**
🎓 Our courses range from K-12 to certifications, diplomas, degrees at undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels from NAAC accredited and WASC certified Indian universities.

11. **How does Orion's surge pricing system work?**
đź’˛ The course fees vary based on the chosen services, course, and enrollment timing, ranging from $50 to $500 for the same course and batch.

12. **Who will be instructing the courses?**
👨‍🏫 Highly eminent instructors from India will teach in a live online mode, ensuring quality education.

13. **How does the franchise revenue model work?**
đź’ą As a franchisee, you will share revenues with us from streams like retail, e-learning, and corporate training, aiming for a target of around $2 million in 5 years.

14. **What technological support does Orion provide?**
đź–Ą We provide a video conferencing license, staff training, course customization, and access to our student management and training ERP system.