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Certificate in Ethical Hacking

Certificate in Ethical Hacking

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Master Cybersecurity Certificate in Ethical Hacking Provides Expertise for Secure Digital Environments!


6 weeks, 3 hours per week

**Delivery Method:**  

Live online classes, interactive labs, weekly assignments, quizzes, and comprehensive projects.


####**Course Description Ethical Hacking From Basics to Advanced**



- Basic knowledge of networking and IT

- No prior experience in ethical hacking necessary

- A computer with at least 4GB RAM

- Operating System: Windows, Apple macOS, or Linux

#### **Course Structure:**


1. **Course Introduction and Setup**

   - Overview of ethical hacking, course goals, and learning outcomes.

   - Setting up the ethical hacking lab environment.


2. **Understanding Cyber Threats**

   - Types of cyber threats and the importance of ethical hacking in combating these threats.


3. **Footprinting and Reconnaissance**

   - Techniques for gathering data on potential targets without being detected.


4. **Scanning Networks**

   - Tools and methodologies for scanning and mapping enterprise networks.

5. **System Hacking**

   - Methods for gaining access to various systems and maintaining access.


6. **Malware Threats**

   - Study of various forms of malware and deployment techniques.


7. **Sniffing**

   - Techniques and tools for data interception and network traffic analysis.


8. **Social Engineering**

   - Tactics for manipulating individuals to breach security.


9. **Denial of Service**

   - Understanding DoS/DDoS attack vectors and defences.

10. **Session Hijacking**

    - Techniques for exploiting web sessions.


11. **Hacking Web Servers and Web Applications**

    - Methods to exploit vulnerabilities in web servers and applications.


12. **SQL Injection**

    - Understanding and exploiting SQL injection vulnerabilities.


13. **Wireless Network Hacking**

    - Security vulnerabilities associated with wireless protocols and devices.


14. **Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots**

    - Techniques for evading and bypassing security measures.


15. **Cryptography**

    - Principles of cryptography used in securing data.


16. **Penetration Testing**

    - Conducting penetration tests to assess the security of a system or network.

17. **Course Conclusion and Certification**

    - Review, final project submission, and certification.



Mr Tarun L., a seasoned professional in cybersecurity, is known for his dynamic teaching style and practical approach. James and his team are available to answer queries promptly, providing personalized feedback to ensure a deep understanding of complex topics.

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