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Graphic Design Essentials From Concept to Creation

Graphic Design Essentials From Concept to Creation

Occultedge( Support Parters of Orion edutech India)

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Graphic Design Essentials From Concept to Creation


5 weeks, 2 hours per week

Delivery Method:

Live online classes, readings, assignments, tests, and case studies


Basic IT Skills
No prior knowledge of graphic design is required
A computer with graphic design software installed (Adobe Creative Cloud recommended)

Course Structure:

Course Introduction & Overview
Overview of graphic design principles and the course outline.

Understanding Design Fundamentals
Exploring the basics of graphic design, including colour theory, typography, and layout principles.

Setting Up The Design Workspace
Guidance on setting up a digital workspace with essential graphic design tools and software.

Navigating Design Software
Step-by-step instructions on using key features of popular design software.

Creating Your First Design
Hands-on project to apply the principles learned and create a simple design.

Advanced Design Techniques
Exploring more complex design elements and techniques, including vector art and photo manipulation.

Branding and Identity Design
Understanding how to create cohesive brand identities and materials.

Design for Digital and Print
Learning the differences in designing for digital platforms versus print media.

Portfolio Development
Guidance on compiling a professional design portfolio to showcase your work.

Launching Your Design Career
Tips and strategies for finding work as a graphic designer, including freelancing and agency work.

Course Conclusion and Next Steps
Concluding the course and exploring further learning and development opportunities in graphic design.

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